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The roses budded… AND BLOOMED!

Welcome to Wild Heart Body + Birth work. Wild Heart, formerly Budding Roses, is a small business owned by Shannissy Catron. Shannissy is a licensed massage therapist, certified birth doula, and certified childhood sexual abuse coach for those on their parenting journeys. 

Precious Stone

Body WOrk

Turquoise Stone

Birth WOrk

Small Stones

CSA Birth




What Clients Say

"Shannissy is one of the most talented massage therapists I have been to. Her holistic approach saves money but best of all makes for an incredibly therapeutic session that maximizes my healing. Her compassion for the client is profound. Her dedication to working with proven techniques and weaving them together in her own intuitive style is amazingly effective. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for a massage that will address stubborn muscle tension, relaxation, and energy work. She is a one of a kind therapist and I am grateful I took the time to book with her." 

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