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Offerings and Projects


CSA Empowerment

Reimagine what is possible!

I work with folks who are recovering from childhood sexual abuse during all stages of their parenting journeys. Preparing for labor, birth, and parenting with the insights of how trauma can impact this stage of life allows for relief and empowerment. 

email for more information. 

Birth work 

Birth guided, supported, confident

Imagine you’re trekking the Grand Canyon for the first time. I don’t mean going to the outlook point and taking in the beauty, I mean a week in the depths and the elements. We might agree that having a guide for such an event is a good idea. How would the experience change if you traversed this journey with someone who studies the intricacies of the canyons? This is what I do as a doula.


Together we analyze, prepare, and accomplish your birth goals through education, compassionate respect, and creativity. Birth is not inherently a medical event; it's a day birthing parents remember forever. How can we set you up for a day you love to remember, and leave you with a lasting sense of how powerful you truly are? 

Book a consultation for doula services by visiting the "book now" page. 


Doula what you love


Body + energy work

Embodied, aligned, redefined

Is bodywork part of your wellness routine? Many, many folks are finding adding sessions to their self-care routine uplevels areas of their lives like they never imagined! 

The art and science of connection, of touch, of relief is powerful. What could you do if your body felt better? Could you hang with the tough parts and vibe higher in the bliss? Is it worth a shot? 


It’s (way) more than a luxury, but isn’t it nice when something you need also feels luxurious?  

On-site bodywork

Retreats, backstage, Events

One of the things I love most about my work is where it’s taken me. I can be found doing healing work at retreats, backstage at shows, private events, and employee appreciation celebrations. 

Everyone brings a different background, accumulation of skills and experiences, and personal flow that create their healing flavor. If you need someone who can bring revitalization for your crew, help folks feel into their bodies and hearts, assist in facilitating inner change… Let’s chat! 

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